internationale tanzmesse nrw

International dance festival — complete branding

UNESCO’s World Radio Day


Velofixer website

Bike repair shop website

Doctors’ website

Wordpress website for
Berlaymont Health Centre

Fix Annual report

Training unemployed people in the construction sector


Branding for intergenerational activity space

Dance festival programme

Internationale Tanzmesse nrw

Spring mee!

Integrating children with an immigration background

Doctors’ branding

Berlaymont Health Centre branding and hallway artwork

World Radio Day campaign

Poster series for UNESCO event

Via-dia stories

Workbook for community training

SPIRE brochure

Highlighting their projects in 2017

Cook & Serve

Cooking shop branding

Advertising Education forum


World AIDS day campaign

Poster series of testimonials

Velofixer shop

Signage, clothing, bags

Danone brochure

Dance festival website

Internationale Tanzmesse nrw


Logo & Website

Baby & Wedding cards

Brussels Chiropractic

Total branding

Food Service Europe

Branding and website

Terrorism and the Media

UNESCO infographic

Labolobo website

Venue for intergenerational activities

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