Baby & Wedding cards

Over the years, I’ve been asked to make baby cards and wedding invitations. These are some of my favourite projects because everyone wants something a little special, so I get to play around with printing techniques and illustration.

For Noah’s baby card, I created an illustration cut out of paper and photographed. The card was then die-cut to create the banner being pulled by the plane. The card folded open to reveal the name. I did paper cut out clouds for the back of the card and we also created custom stamps and stickers.

Noah’s sisters, Mona & Lucie

Kim & Chris

For Kim & Chris’s wedding, they wanted hand drawn Proteas, South Africa’s national flower, for their invitations. I also made versions for the seating plan, directions and accommodation.

Mieke & Marco

“A touch of gold” was the theme for Mieke & Marco’s wedding, so I designed a black and gold invitation. All of the details were laser engraved into a piece of wood. We spent some time making a line drawn portrait of each of them. These lines would then tell their story: how they met, built a house, had kids and pets, got engaged and finally tied the knot!

Miles & Joe

When Miles & Joe got married, they didn’t want a traditional wedding, but rather a club night with their friends. With a pink and black theme, we created a website as an invitation so that their many international friends could easily find information about the venue, dress code and event programme.